My work is about happiness. Happiness found in Beauty. Beauty that is exists in the Nature.

The process informs the meaning. It is important to understand the process of making my paintings and drawings. The challenge is beyond physical abilities or handling formalistic basics: color, composition, control of the medium. The main challenge is in finding the right state of mind - peaceful, quiet, relaxed concentration. Disturbed or wandering mind manifests itself immediately in careless marks that are not in harmony with rest of the work, often ruining the work completely. Drawings are especially unforgiving.

It is not important how much time it takes to make a painting, but sense of timelessness is. The Timelessness is emphasized by the absence of a beginning or end, also the vague sense of gravity. It is a fragment (moment) of a perpetual movement, perfect stillness, and profound silence.

Occasionally, usually in the contact with nature I experience a particular feeling, a trance perhaps, when all around becomes still, empty, open. Nothing is happening but I feel acutely alive, and endlessly alive. All boundaries disappear and you liquefy into the outside reality. One beautiful feeling of clarity, knowing and peace fill you in, . . . or you dissolve into it. I try to paint this feeling.

The notion of freedom is especially present in the dot paintings. That little dot wants to be free and dance on the canvas. When I start painting the sense of freedom is intoxicating. The dot can move anyway it want, and it does, until a pattern emerges. It cannot escape itself. It is interesting to witness how each new dot changes the dynamic in the painting, sometimes bringing it to a harmonious unity, and sometimes disturbing it.

The nature is my main inspiration, as well as the Buddhism and the aesthetic philosophy Wabi Sabi that focuses on the transient and intimate beauty found in nature and esteems the purity of natural imperfection. Nature nurtures me, rejuvenates. I love going for walks in the nature. I take lots of photographs on my walks and use them as reference in addition to the memory of the experiences. My colors come from the water surface of sea and rivers, from the sky, flowers and sunsets.

My digital work has evolved from digital sketches that I have been using to make my stripe paintings. They are made from the photographs of seascapes with dramatic horizon lines. I am fascinated by the sea, horizon and sunset light. Essentially they are photographs - I take one pixel column from a sunset or a seascape photo and stretch it horizontally. I don't change colors, and don't do any other computer manipulation - all information comes straight from "nature" from an actual photograph. Potentially there could be thousands different images made from one photo (depending on the size of the original) but I rarely make more then three, very often just one, because I am looking for one perfect image that will have all the quality and emotional charge of that moment in nature when the photograph was taken. Only one edition of each print is made, it is unique work. The middle line in the image indeed represents the horizon; parts aside from it mirror each other perfectly. Reflective moments. When images turn vertically they become portals.

With all my work I seek to create a state of quiet excitement, serenity and calm - a place of beginning of all possibilities.

Beauty is important. Quality is important. Love is important.